The portrayal of family conflicts in adolescence was evident in the three dramas presented by the stars of BSIC today.
The inter-house drama competition is an event held in respect of the BSIC Parents’ Day 2018. At this event Brilliant Stars enjoyed their performances taking the roles as different personalities; fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, teenagers and very young children showing off their talents and transforming their young energy to strength. The dramas presented highlighted the themes of parental love, aggressive behaviors of adolescents and when misused, the negative impact of modern technology and its harmful effects on family relationships. Students of BSIC learnt it all the practical way; how and why conflicts begin between parents and children and how time, maturity, growth and realization can resolve these problems.
The Board of Adjudicators selected Emerald in first, Sapphire in second and Ruby in third places. The event was a great success.

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