Educational tour means more than simply leaving the school grounds. It will always have a major objective but the impact of it spreads out much further to extents such as the formation of a total personality in a student.
Obtaining a new perspective of one’s immediate surroundings may not be as demanding as obtaining it from surroundings that are difficult to reach by one’s self.
Well said by the great Chinese Philosopher; “I hear, I forget; I see, I remember; I do,I understan.d” and done by BSIC, Matara, the idea of teaching and learning was put to practice yesterday, 11th October, 2018 by implementing her plan of ‘Time to Tour’ with the stars of the Secondary Section of the College!

At BSIC, the practical components of Art and History lessons included a tour to the Historical City of Kandy this year. Learning at BSIC is not mere note taking in a classroom setting on the part of the Brilliant Stars, but benefiting through an arranged tour via Reinforcement- understanding the topics better, Engagement-collecting data through first hand experiences, Socialization-traveling in groups, being respectful to locations of visits and making one’s self culturally aware, Exposure- visiting places Stars have never seen before, Retention-storing of information using ‘episodic memory’ which help the students retain information for longer periods of time and finally catering to the innate nature of learning in a human being, Curiosity-finding out for and by themselves the underpinnings of the theories they learn in classrooms.

Believing in quality at all times; “Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of an intelligent effort.“ (John Ruskin, English writer), BSIC’s effort of yesterday’s tour was a feat of strength especially for the students who face much stress in preparing themselves for the forthcoming GCE OL Examination.

Students who visited many historical places such as Ambekka Devalaya, Gadaladeniya Temple, Dalada Maligawa and the like including the museum in the city on tour said that Dalada Maligawa was the ‘pièce de résistance’.

Kalabushana Amarasena Kodithuwakku,
BSIC ‘s Art Teacher and Mrs Siyana Riza Cader, Head of Disciplinary Affairs accompanied the Brilliant Stars.

The tour was a great success.

Hunniya Wazeer

Educational Tour

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